1954 Gloria

Gloria was my mother's mother. 
A lover of people, her home was a revolving door of guests. 
In an era when women raised the children, prepared meals from scratch, and hosted parties, she was quick to respond to a compliment with,
"Well thank you! I bought it myself." 
Hair in a twist, lips a bright peach or bold red,
she moved about the room armed with undeniable humor, beauty, and confidence. 
Dear Gloria is a shop of artist-made home goods made in New York City. 
With her legacy in one hand and a love for New York creativity in the other,
Dear Gloria was born. 

In a city like New York, it can be hard to create permanence and a sense of home amidst the instability of housing and transience of people and jobs. 
Homes can feel cramped and people, inconsistent and busy.
And then when we shop for the home, the places most convenient often sell products that look handmade but are really mass produced far away.
These things may bring aesthetic
but they only add to the disconnection of home and place.
Dear Gloria was founded to make artist-made home goods accessible.
Our passion is connecting neighbor and maker,
countering transience with interdependence,
and in all things celebrating New York creativity. 
Cheers to us, 
Katie Ellis
Ceramicist & Founder